The Diary of a Displaced Housewife is now Life In Fuchsia…

'The Diary of the Displaced Housewife' is now 'Life in Fuschia'

Friday, May 7, 2010

LA’s Little India – A Slice of the Motherland!

Sometimes when we’re in LA and missing the motherland, we head out to Artesia Boulevard in the city of Cerritos. What’s so special about Artesia Boulevard? It’s LA’s version of a Little India and I love the kitsch-iness of the whole place. There are Chinese bakeries and dumpling houses jostling for space with Dosa spots and bangle bazaars!

I usually buy all my ‘Indian’ groceries that you wouldn’t normally find in a regular supermarket. While there are well stocked stores selling Indian groceries in our locality, I find there’s more choice in the stores in Little India. I also pick up vegetables like ridge gourds, fenugreek leaves, and Indian mangoes (you have to try ‘em to believe how good they are). I also get all kinds of masalas, batters, and of course lots of food at the amazing eateries out there.

I love making a stop at Tirupathi Bhimas for good South Indian food such as idlies, dosas and especially the traditional ‘meals’! These ‘meals’ contain a sampling of different kinds of vegetables, rices and breads.  Or try Rasraj for the best ever sugarcane juice and their famous tandoori Nan wrap (although I warn you, there’s no wrapping in this wrap!)

Saffron Spot is a great spot to stop by for a quick bite! Check out their ice cream flavors… only at Saffron Spot!

Exotic Ice Cream at Saffron Spot

Mava Kulfi Ice Cream

There’s Mava Kulfi, Mango, Rajbhog, Meetha Pan and even Mango Chili (Spiceeeyyy) among other exotic flavors. They also serve ice cream faloodas and golas (shaved ice)!

We usually get the Vada Pav that’s quite spicy and satisfying… just what you need to pick you up after all that shopping! Vada Pav could be called an Indian burger – it’s a spicy potato patty sandwiched among toasted buns slathered with a spicy garlic chutney. The patty at Saffron is also blended with mint that gives it a special kick! You can cool off the heat with some chilled rose milk or almond milk.

My Very Delicious Spicy Vada Pav

However, the tea was much to be desired. When in Little India, you would expect strong Indian chai and this was anything but…

The next stop was at Surati Farsan Mart to pick up some snacks to take back with us and we also packed up some dinner – Pau Bhaji and Ragda Pattice. Just like traditional sweet shops all over India, Surati Farsan Mart also has these beautiful stacks of colorful sweets, tempting and beckoning… how can you say no!?! Their specialty is Gujarathi food such as Undhiyo Puri and Methi Thepla. Yum yum yum!

Goodies at Surati Farsan Mart

I promise posts on some very tasty Indian snacks soon. :)


  1. I love all the places and things you mention. Have you ever had lunch or dinner @ "Rajdhani restuarant", right above Rasraj (guajarati buffet). It is is simply mind blowing. Try it if you haven't. And, what about Tango Tomato, have you tried that? Right across the place from Tirupati Bhimas on 2nd floor.

  2. Hi Priya! Thanks for dropping by :) I've been to Rajdhani but I've been wanting to go to Tangy Tomato. How's the food there? I know it's desi chinese and I love that style of cooking :D

  3. thanks for such a wonderful trip thru an incredible market!! I would love to try some of those exotic ice creams, and that sandwich looked delicious....
    I love your blog, keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Chef! Thank you for dropping by! :) And yes, those ice cream are rich, creamy and everything you want in an ice cream!

  5. OMG!! this sounds so awesome! love the super markets with lots of indian delights. hummm... I wish I get something like that in Detroit.

  6. OMG ..what a good store really its Little india only..So u r not missing any indian sweets..thats so good.Here also we have a smal sweet shop..but not like this.wish to open such a store here in OH then i can try all of the sweets..
    nice post yarr..really informative for all of us

  7. Ann - Hey Ann! Thanks for dropping by :) You know, there's a sizable Indian Population in Detroit, so I'm sure there must be smaller indian stores. I hope you find one... Indian sweets are the best!

    Prani - Hey there! I hope you get to make a visit to LA and you must definitely drop by Little India! The only downside is the easy access to sweets kinda plays havoc with my waistline! :D I hope you get to open that store of yours!