The Diary of a Displaced Housewife is now Life In Fuchsia…

'The Diary of the Displaced Housewife' is now 'Life in Fuschia'

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stunning Jewelry By Fiona Paxton

Check out jewelry designer Fiona Paxton’s stand out pieces. I love that any single piece from her collection would be the only accessory you would need to complete your outfit. Her ethnic inspirations have resulted in some visually stunning pieces.

You can shop for her pieces here. The designer also has lines at Intermix and Anthropologie.

Budget Tip: While you lucky few get to shop her pieces, us lesser mortals can find solace at Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 for similar designs. 

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  1. Love those bold ethnic necklaces. They give a strong statement. I read your previous posts, and i just love Indian sweets. the milk, ghee, saffron, yogurt! The pastry shop has so many selection that even one couldnt handle. Ive had Kulfi before, it was divine! Thanks for stopping by at my blog. youve got yourself a new follower... U

  2. great to see your blog!! I am here as my lovely friend or rather a mutual friend of ours sent me here. Now, am I glad she did that or what!! Following you!! read a couple of your have to catch up on the rest of them.

    And I also came to know that you follow and like my blog..its such a pleasure to hear that! :)

  3. Mhel - Glad to know you have a sweet tooth too! Kulfi would be perfect for the hot weather we're having in LA! Promise to post some yummy indian sweets for you!

    Superchef - I love you!!! Well... not in a creepy way but you're blog is awesome. Thank you!